Efficient and Transparent Elections

John will fight to make voting easier and more convenient by instituting county-wide changes such as increasing the number of voting stations to reduce waiting times.

Fiscally Responsible

John has helped transition Kalamazoo County into one of the most fiscally stable public entities in Michigan, with a AA+ credit rating and a 115% funded pension account. He has helped navigate over $50 million dollars in local county construction projects all without raising taxes. All of this has been accomplished through long-term planning, steady fiscal oversight, and most importantly, bi-partisan cooperation.

Professional Public Service

John first ran for office as a Western student in 2002. He has dedicated his life to public service ever since, serving nearly now fourteen years on County Commission. In January 2014, John was elected unanimously by his peers to serve as Chair of the Board. Now in his second year as Chair, John has guided a politically divided board to create real change. The Commission’s agenda no longer includes outsourcing and deregulation, instead, the focus has been sustainability, housing, fair labor contracts, and public health.

Equitable Access to Voting

Each year, countless voters are needlessly turned away from the polls. John will train election workers to give voters the option to vote provisionally when they cannot show identification. John believes participation in our democracy should be made easy, not hard.